So You Like to Read the Young Wizards Series

for fans of those *other* wizards

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This community is dedicated to reading and discussing the Young Wizards series by Diane Duane. This series includes

So You Want to Be a Wizard
Deep Wizardry
High Wizardry
A Wizard Abroad
A Wizard's Dilemma
A Wizard Alone
Wizard's Holiday

and the two "adult" novels featuring feline wizards:

The Book of Night with Moon
To Visit the Queen

Discussion of other of Duane's novels will also be welcomed, as long as it does not devolve into (for example) the merits of one Star Trek series over another or any topic unrelated to the novels themselves. All posts should specifically relate to Duane's books, although discussion/comments may wander far afield therefrom; people who persistently post on unrelated topics will be banned.

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